Lake Merritt Location

In Oakland California, right on Lake Merritt, an upscale and safe neighborhood. My beautiful, lake view studio is well appointed with a top quality massage table, cozy couches, a shower with fluffy towels and fragrance-free organic bath products.  We'll be very comfortable getting to know one another in this elegant environment.


Verification process

Like most providers, I ask for a positive reference from a currently advertising provider who you have seen within the last 6 months. Please include a link to their ad, their email or phone number, and any identifying information that will allow them to remember you.  It's courteous to let them know I will be reaching out.



If you have not seen a provider recently, or ever, you can send an active LinkedIn account link and a business website with your full name and contact information.

Or you are welcome to send a picture of your drivers license or passport (with the address blocked) and a selfie of you holding your license or passport.

When you offer this information in your very first contact, it smooths our interactions considerably, and pushes YOU to the very top of my "to do" list.