I've never done this before.  How do I know you are the right provider for me?

The San Francisco Bay Area is the epicenter of the sexual revolution. You are very lucky! Whether we connect, or you continue on in your search, let me offer some suggestions that can help you navigate this process.

Take the time to read everything I have written carefully. Can you hear my voice? Some providers use copywriters and marketing consultants, but I don't. I want authentic chemistry between us as much as you do! Getting to know me here, before we meet, will increase the likelihood of us getting along really well. Use your intuition. You've read this far, that is a very good sign.

This kind of experience is expensive, and you should have high expectations of me. I have invested enormous energy into advanced education and the creation of an experience of exceptional quality. I have over 1000 hours of therapeutic massage, sexological bodywork and coaching certifications, and years of serious Tantra study.  I have taught these subjects in both academic and alternative settings. I have a commitment to excellence in the services I offer.

I believe in the power of touch, and have devoted my professional career to it. If you decide to continue your search, make sure to look providers who clearly like what they do.  There are too many of us who love this work to settle for someone who does not.

Why do you need verification of my identity?

As a potential client, it can feel vulnerable to offer your personal information to a stranger. Our paternalistic legal climate attempts to control what consenting adults do together.  Erotic service professionals run considerable personal risk bringing you in to their homes and offices.  People who do this work bear a heavy cultural burden for providing you with pleasure on demand. The "return on investment" of your personal information is a provider who feels safe and respected... that tends to make us relaxed, friendly and very eager to please.  click here for my verification protocol

What is Tantra?

Tantric Massage is an opportunity to dip your toes into the values and attitudes of an eastern philosophy that teaches sexuality is holy. My lengthy massage sessions are filled with eye contact, slow intuitive skilled touch, and an emphasis on attention... even as sensuality begins to intoxicate us both.  Often this attitude alone is enough to intensify and extend the peaks of pleasure.

Tantra is a philosophical system from India that has its roots in pre-history, and influences all of the major religious traditions of the East. In modern times, Tantra Yoga teaches that our authentic desires are intimately connected to great Mysteries. The primal urges of the body can be used to tap a profound store of energy, power, and self awareness.

One of the many tenets of Tantra is that love is infinitely more powerful than we could ever imagine. Inspired by Tantra, we can create a “yoga” of erotic energy. That simply means that when we bring soulful attention to sexy time, it can deepen and expand the pleasure we share to enrich you life.

I am a Tantra Teacher in the Himalayan Tradition. You can be sure that every session we share will be Tantric in nature, as it influences all that I do. Occasionally I take on qualified private students for dedicated mentorship.